The Wagging Tail Studios’ Team

Sherry Kendall

Founding Artist/Instructor

Sherry Kendall, the founding artist of Wagging Tail Portraits, is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City. Sherry has worked as an illustrator, art teacher and portrait artist for the last 34 years. Coming from a family of artists, growing up Sherry was surrounded by creativity, in fact all of Sherry’s family attended Philadelphia College of Arts, now called The University of the Arts. The creative process continues as her husband, Steve and daughter, Natalie bring their combined creative skill set of graphic design, marketing, illustration and communication arts to Wagging Tail Studios.

Sherry began painting pet portraits on canvas and glass, 20 years ago. Sherry’s custom hand painted ornaments and paintings, which started out as gifts for friends, have launched into a full-time career. Sherry’s custom pet portrait ornaments even caught the eye of Oprah, who picked them as one of her favorite things in 2011!

After teaching art classes to children for 15 years, Sherry is excited about launching her newest venture, Paint Your Pet’s Portrait events, at Wagging Tails Studios. Sherry will be pre-sketching the clients’ pets on canvases and then people will paint their pet’s portraits. “It’s fun watching people interact with fellow pet lovers as they paint their pet’s portrait.” There is such a fellowship in their common love of their fur-kids. I give help when asked, but I really encourage them to complete most of the painting themselves so their finished product is their own creation. The pride that I see in their faces is truly inspirational; they hold up their finished canvases and say “I did it!”

Natalie Kendall

Event Coordinator/Marketing

Natalie Kendall is the founding artist of our Wet Nose Greetings’ line of greeting cards, note card, and gift enclosures. She began illustrating these cards as a senior in high school. As a freshman in college, she attracted the attention of Oprah, who then picked them as one of her favorite things in 2012. What an awesome way to start out her college experience! After graduating from Hood College with a Communication Arts degree, she continues to illustrate the cards, which are inspired by real pets, adding more to the line on a monthly basis. It’s no surprise that being surrounded by the arts both at home with paintbrushes and many years of classical ballet training that Natalie would eventually pick a career in the arts.

“After attending many dog events and seeing how people’s faces would light up when they saw my mom’s pet portrait paintings, it has an awesome experience to see customers react to my Wet Nose Greetings’ cards in the same way!”

Natalie heads up the event coordination for Wagging Tail Studios, helping group organizers plan their private “Paint Your Pet’s Portrait” events.